Breed Review: Bengal Сat (17 Pics)

#4 At this, the experiments of the felinologist could stop.

however, as luck would have it, at the Loma Linda University Medical Center for feline leukemia research, litter was obtained from domestic cats and male Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) resistant cats. Dr. Willard Centerwall, who led the project, happily placed some of the first-generation kittens in Jane's care. The choice of partners for further breeding became a new problem - Mrs. Mill was sure that the British, Abyssinian, or other popular species have genetically weakened lines, and therefore are not suitable for breeding a new breed. The solution was found after a trip to New Delhi, where she accidentally saw a spotted golden-red kitten. The bronze color and the special shine of Tory's coat were passed on to descendants. Later, several more cats were brought from India to the United States for Jane, today recognized as the "Indian line" of Mau.

#5 Many local breeders of the familiar Egyptian Mau and Ocicat took the initiative with hostility and launched a campaign against registration of hybrids.

It is not known whether they feared an uncontrolled manifestation of "wild blood" or simply tried to prevent the emergence of spotted competitors. As a result, Bengal cats were not recognized by the authoritative The Cat Fanciers' Association for a long time, although TICA registered the first individual of the new breed back in 1983. Since 1985, Jane Mill's pets have actively participated in national exhibitions, captivating experts and spectators with a shiny coat with a contrasting pattern, athletic build, and natural grace.

#6 Throughout the 80s and 90s, the Bengal creator continued her selective work

and received several more product lines, including with the participation of new males of the leopard cat. Today, the main goals of improving the breed, breeders call the cleaning of "genetic waste", which manifests itself in kittens with a single color, long hair, unwanted ticking.

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