Breed Review: Bengal Сat (17 Pics)

#7 Many potential owners are frightened by the possibility of manifestation of uncontrollable character traits that the Bengals can get from wild leopard cats.

I must say that such fears are groundless if the pet does not belong to the first three generations of the hybrid. F4 – F7 cats, raised in constant contact with humans, are invariably characterized by a balanced and friendly disposition. With an open-air cattery and a lack of attention from the breeder, the kittens run wild, but this drawback is easy to identify when first meeting the babies.

#8 Bengals are very social.

They easily find a common language with all household members, as for other pets, they peacefully coexist with cats of other breeds, and often even make friends with dogs. However, we must not forget that Bengal cats have extremely developed hunting instincts, so leaving them alone with potential prey is fraught with tragedy. Protection is required not only for birds and rodents but also for aquarium fish, because, like Asian ancestors, domestic leopards do not suffer from hydrophobia. Moreover, they get real pleasure from water procedures and can unceremoniously dive into a filling bath or make their way into a working shower.

#9 Representatives of the Bengal breed (especially ladies) do not particularly like intrusion into their personal space.

No, you will not find aggression in response to an attempt to "cuddle", but too close contact makes them feel uncomfortable. It is better to wait until the Bengal is in the appropriate mood and he himself will come to you for affection. But pets meet verbal communication with great enthusiasm and enthusiastically "keep the conversation going." In the arsenal of these cats, there are many specific sounds and intonations, after a few weeks you will be able to understand what most of these "phrases" mean.

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