Breed Review: Bengal Сat (17 Pics)

#10 But the main character trait, perhaps, should be considered the incredible energy and playfulness that persists throughout life.

It should be noted that with a lack of physical exertion, a bored Bengal cat can harm your furniture and interior, so you should immediately provide it with a significant number of various toys and devote enough time daily to active entertainment.

#11 It is a well-known fact that Bengal cats are highly intelligent.

Their natural intelligence, cunning, and adaptability ensured their ancestors survive in the wild, and their homes are a powerful foundation for learning interesting tricks. They know how to carry out simple commands, bring abandoned objects (often using dexterous front paws instead of teeth). The observation and quick wits of Bengals lead to the fact that without effort on the part of the owners, they learn to use switches, open the latches on the doors, flush the water in the toilet and even unscrew the taps.

Bengal cats learn the rules of using the toilet quickly and without problems, but they like to dig deep holes, so it is recommended to make sure that the level of litter is always high enough.

#12 A pleasant surprise for the owners will be Bengal cats’ undemanding care.

The features of the wool exclude strong tangling, it is enough to use a special combing mitt or a rubber brush every two to three days. It is recommended to cut the claws by 2-3 mm once or twice a month. Of course, cats with amputated claws are not allowed to participate in exhibitions.

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