Breed Review: Boerboel (16 Pics)

#7 Boerboel can adore its own owner to madness, but at the same time he will not miss the opportunity to crush him under him.

Prepare for this confrontation, which usually begins in adolescence, in advance. This is not a decorative fluffy, whose attempts at leadership cause tears of sincere affection, but a serious "fighter" who recognizes only the cult of strength. If the dog does not respect the owner, sooner or later she will come into open conflict with him. Well, as usual, clashes between a Boerboel and a man end, it's easy to guess.

#8 If the South African Boerboel will let anyone down with a disrespectful attitude towards themselves, it is the children.

A professional babysitter will not come out of him (not the temperament), but it is absolutely not a burden for the “African” to be friends with the kids. On the other hand, you should not rely unconditionally on the good nature of such a large and serious dog, so constant control over the joint pastime of the child and the animal should take place.

#9 Do not perceive the Boerboel as a blunt security guard, fit only for official activities.

Yes, he is not a genius, but smart enough not to create problems for you in everyday life. Also, do not forget that this is a breed whose intelligence must be constantly developed. Communicate and train a lot with the dog - get a calm and quick-witted helper. You give your pet the opportunity to hone its protective qualities on its own - get ready to coexist with an uncontrollable dominant that does not recognize any authorities.

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