Breed Review: Boerboel (16 Pics)

#13 Perhaps the most important command for the Boerboel and its owner is the “Come to me!”

The exercise is hard and long practiced, but with such a dog you cannot do without it. Show maximum patience, do not expect quick results, and be careful with punishments. If the puppy does not come to you immediately, but ten or more minutes after the call, consider that the test is passed. If you dare to punish the Boerboel for too long swinging and slowness, which this breed has in its blood, you risk losing its trust forever. The puppy will quickly draw a parallel between the command and the subsequent punishment and will simply refuse to follow it.

#14 Never, under any circumstances, encourage your pet to be grumpy.

If a Boerboel grins at passing dogs and snaps at commands, he must be restrained. At the same time, it is extremely stupid to openly provoke an animal and hope for its iron restraint. So do not succumb to momentary impulses to stroke a random watchdog or cat in the presence of a dog. The South African Boerboel deals with competitors quickly and tough.

#15 Follow the sequence and do not make exceptions to the rules, even if you really want to.

The intellect of the Boerboel is not so developed as to be able to divide prohibitions into strict and not very strict, therefore every indulgence awakens in him a desire to spit on the rules of obedience. Therefore, if you really scold your pet for treats from strangers, then do not allow your own guests to tease the animal with treats. Made hug play a tradition? So don't get hysterical over a soiled designer jacket.

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