Breed Review: Border Collie (18 Pics)

The Border Collie breed is distinguished by its high intelligence. These dogs are extremely intelligent indeed. Once even scientific research was carried out, during which it turned out that the mind of the representatives of this breed is equated to the intelligence of a three-year-old child.

An active, attractive dog enjoys increasing interest among dog breeders.

#1 The exact origin of the border collie is not known for certain. The most popular version is that they appeared somewhere between England and Scotland.

#2 Researchers suggest that the ancestors of these dogs were animals used by the Vikings for work.

#3 The Normans raided Scotland, their dogs fleeing from them and interbred with local shepherd dogs.

The breed was first mentioned in 1570. Although it is now known that similar animals in the 5th century BC. And it is not at all clear why they remained unknown for such a long time. Since the beginning of its formation, this breed has undergone many name changes.

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