Breed Review: Border Collie (18 Pics)

#7 Owners should not react to this behavior and show their firmness of character, and over time, the dog will stop using such tricks.

#8 The description of border collies by their owners often looks like this: dogs are inquisitive, trying to accompany the owner everywhere and everywhere.

Looking at the photo of the border collie on a walk, you can note their ideal behavior. This breed is just an example for other dogs. They are non-intrusive and completely non-conflicting. The dog will focus on playing and running. The dog needs to be walked daily.

#9 At the same time, they are not intrusive and delicate. Completely non-sticky breed – the pet will faithfully wait when he is called to talk.

At home, they watch the owners measuredly. The centuries-old skills of the shepherds make them felt. Sometimes he may try to educate children and other pets, without showing any aggression.

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