Breed Review: Boxer (15 Pics)

#7 The Boxer is a sociable dog, he gets along easily with other four-legged inhabitants of the house, but sometimes the cocky character takes over and she starts chasing the yard cats.

It happens that a dog of this breed easily gets involved in a fight with other dogs, and he often provokes fights himself. By nature, a boxer is a real fighter, he is agile, courageous, and strong. If trained properly, you can raise an excellent guard. The childish spontaneity inherent in a boxer stays with him all his life. The dog shows enviable stubbornness but never achieves its goal with aggression. His main weapon is humor and charm, before which no loving owner can resist.

#8 Representatives of this breed have amazing sensitivity, they are very smart and cunning.

Sometimes they are noisy, which is perceived by some owners as a disadvantage, therefore, in order to develop the best character traits and minimize disadvantages, boxers must be trained. With the right approach to this task, you can achieve amazing results, as boxers perceive training as a game and easily succumb to it.

#9 Boxers have a stocky build.

They are also called "square" dogs because their height and length have approximately the same values. A wide and deep chest, coupled with a strong back with a slight slope in the pelvic region, is quite consistent with this type of physique. At the same time, representatives of this breed do not look squat - rather the opposite. Dogs look stately, they have a proud posture, and all thanks to dry muscles and a lean stomach. Their limbs are massive, correctly set, without curvature, so they do not spoil the "figure". The boxer's neck is of medium length, strong and muscular, and the tail is long and straight.

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