Breed Review: Boxer (15 Pics)

#10 A distinctive feature of the breed is a slightly protruding lower jaw, a slightly upturned nose and high set ears – thin, slightly hanging forward.

When circumcised (docked), they acquire a pointed shape, which gives them the correct setting. The boxer's eyes are dark, intelligent, they can tell a lot about the breed. One can read curiosity in the look, it glows with energy, but not aggression.

#11 The skin of boxers, with the exception of the forehead and cheeks, is tight and does not form any folds.

The coat is short, coarse, and also snug. Only two colors are considered classic for German boxers: red and brindle. The first can vary from deep red to light yellow shades. The brindle has its own "extremes": from golden to gloomy dark. The breed standard dictates that the stripes should be in clear lines.

#12 Whatever the color, a kind of dark mask is an invariable attribute on the dog’s face.

The presence of white markings, giving the breed aesthetics, is acceptable. White, black, gray dogs with a lot of stripes and spots are considered "defective". And one more thing: if you plan to send your pet to the exhibition, then you will have to sacrifice the cropping of the ears and tail. Experts categorically do not recommend carrying out such manipulations with a boxer.

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