Breed Review: Boxer (15 Pics)

#13 Cheerful, playful, curious, cheerful, energetic – these traits fully characterize German boxers.

And also these dogs are loyal, very strongly attached to their owner and members of his family. Positive traits remain with a boxer all his life, he likes it when there are a lot of people and noise around.

A boxer who has gone through a good training school gets along well with young family members, treats them carefully, never offends, and plays with them with pleasure. He will not only become an excellent companion for your child, but also a reliable guard.

#14 A representative of this breed, subject to good upbringing and social adaptation, will perfectly get along not only with other dogs living in the house, but even with cats.

However, small animals and birds are a real "temptation" for them. Your pet can be taught not to touch them, and he will not do this in your presence. But, as they say, it is better not to leave the boxer alone with them from harm's way.

#15 The boxer loves to fool around, warmly welcome all the people he knows.

He never loses vigilance and therefore he will be a good defender for his household. This brave, athletic breed retains excellent guarding and watchdog qualities at times to a ripe old age. In order for the dog not to show its not the best qualities - excessive noise, stubbornness, and sometimes uncontrollability - he needs a master who will dominate him.

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