Breed Review: British Shorthair (19 Pics)

#13 British cats do not give their owners much trouble.

Their dense and thick fur practically does not tangle and does not fall off, therefore, to care for the wool, it is enough to walk on the fur coat with a special brush once or twice a week and remove the fallen hairs. During periods of seasonal molting (in spring and autumn), the procedure must be carried out more often, otherwise, furniture and clothes will become unexpectedly fluffy.

#14 The ears are cleaned once every two weeks, it is advisable to wipe the eyes with cotton swabs dipped in boiled water, once a week.

It makes sense to give your pet preparations to dissolve the coat from time to time since when licking, part of the thick coat gets into the stomach and can cause serious health problems.

Frequent washing of the cat is undesirable, as the natural fatty coat is a barrier to many infections and bacteria. If for any reason the animal is so dirty that washing cannot solve the problem, be sure to use mild products recommended by veterinarians and make sure that no water gets into the ears - this can provoke inflammation of the ear canal.

#15 The immunity of the British allows them to take long walks on the street without health consequences

when the air temperature does not drop too low, however, in large cities, heavy car traffic, dog attacks, and the actions of intruders pose a serious danger, so home maintenance will be preferable.

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