Breed Review: British Shorthair (19 Pics)

#16 This breed is prone to obesity, which is the root cause of a number of diseases.

The relatively low physical activity of adults leads to the rapid accumulation of excess weight. A balanced diet and strict adherence to the recommended serving sizes will help avoid problems. With natural nutrition, do not forget about the need to take vitamin and mineral supplements.

#17 Regular preventive examinations in the veterinary clinic, timely vaccinations and regular care of teeth and ears will help to ensure a good standard of living for your pet.

Please note that all respected breeder and cat owner organizations strongly oppose the practice of claw removal and tendonectomy (a surgical procedure that removes part of the tendon responsible for the claw release mechanism). The most humane way to protect your furniture and wallpaper is by neatly trimming the sharp points and using the scratching post.

#18 The health of the breed is not a serious concern for specialists.

But breeders who claim that British Shorthairs are generally not prone to the disease are shamelessly cunning. Yes, there are no specific diseases for British, but there are some that affect any pedigree cats - including genetically determined ones, therefore, appropriate medical research must be carried out before the animals are allowed into breeding.

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