Breed Review: British Shorthair (19 Pics)

#19 Like all purebred cats, real British Shorthairs are not sold in subways, bird markets and free classifieds on the Web!

The saddest consequence of such a "profitable" acquisition will not even be that from a fluffy ball, a cat that is completely different from a British cat will grow. As an inheritance from unknown parents, he can receive a whole bunch of congenital diseases, and the lack of veterinary support and non-observance of the rules for feeding a nursing mother and babies is the cause of poor immunity and acquired diseases.

It is necessary to devote enough time to choosing a cattery, because only breeders who value their professional reputation, provide complete and reliable information about the pedigree, take care of the well-being of the cat and her kittens. Even if your goal is not a British show class, pay attention to the success of the "graduates" at regional and international exhibitions - this is good evidence of healthy genetic lines.

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