Breed Review: Burmilla (16 Pics)

#4 Burmilla is a cat with a harmonious character, moderately independent, but at the same time, contact.

In fact, all the typical feline habits are combined in the breed, but in a somewhat "refined" form. For example, Burmilla is extremely playful and just crazy about all kinds of teasers, as well as clockwork mice. At the same time, the enthusiasm for the pursuit of prey never goes beyond the scope of adequate behavior, so she will not sweep smartphones and fragile figurines off the table in the house.

#5 The descendants of Burmese and chinchillas are very well developed to have sociability and the desire for tactile contact with a person, therefore, the Burmilla will often ask for “hands”, and on the master’s knees it will “walk” with pleasure.

However, one should not confuse sociability with stickiness: as soon as the cat realizes that his tenderness does not interest anyone, he will immediately cease to annoy others with his claims.

#6 Usually Burmill is recommended to owners who value order in their own homes, as well as worried about the safety of designer repairs.

It is believed that representatives of this breed are neat in everyday life and do not sin with scratches, even if they are very out of sorts. Another distinctive feature of Burmillas is the expressive purr, which the cat “turns on” at the very first touch of its fur. Having such a musical pet is an advantage in itself, if, of course, you are willing to perceive sound vibrations as an alternative form of anti-stress therapy.

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