Breed Review: Burmilla (16 Pics)

#7 Burmillas are affectionate, and this fact is important to consider.

Unlike most of their fellow tribesmen, the descendants of Burmese do not get used to the house, but to the person who is next to them. It is cruel, to say the least, to give in to the wrong hands of an already grown-up cat, with which it has not been possible to get along. It cannot be said that representatives of this family are such desperate party-goers, nevertheless, loneliness has a depressing effect on animals. Accordingly, before buying a Burmilla, you will have to make a final choice: either a career or a cat.

#8 Burmillas are curious, intelligent and non-conflicting pets, although they are not devoid of the standard feline cunning.

The latter quality is especially vividly revealed in situations when punishment looms on the horizon: the fined "tail" skillfully portrays innocence to the just done dirty trick and deliberately does not react to the calls of the owners. The rest of the Burmillas are quite malleable and in their studies, they are almost always excellent students.

#9 Adaptation of a kitten to new conditions is usually painless.

If you notice that the baby is too cowardly and careful, make sure in advance: along with the animal, to grab a toy or diaper from the nursery that smells of his brothers and parents. Familiar smells will calm your pet and distract its attention. The fastest way to accustom the Burmilla to a new home is to limit its range of movement to one room, in which a tray, basket, and bowl of food will be installed. Usually, after a day or two, the kitten is perfectly oriented in a previously unfamiliar room.

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