Breed Review: Burmilla (16 Pics)

#10 Burmillas are extremely clean, so they have no problems with going to the tray.

You can teach a baby feline wisdom with the help of special literature. The following books are perfect: "Train a Cat in 10 Minutes" by Fields-Babineau, "Raising Your Cat" by Tiling. In the process of training a variety of tricks, rely on the natural inclinations of the animal. For example, the breed is not indifferent to retrieving objects and easily learns to bring prey on demand, but the cat may not like acrobatic performances with high jumps.

#11 Usually adult Burmillas are not attracted to furniture upholstery, but kittens discovering the world for themselves sometimes do not mind sharpening their claws on the sofa.

To avoid trouble, first, buy a scratching post, and then treat the areas that are attractive to your baby with essential oils. Stop encroachments on furniture and wallpaper, even if it happens during the game: the ban should remain a ban in any situation. A spray bottle filled with water remains an excellent educational tool. If the kitten is too carried away by leprosy, it is enough to give him a light sobering shower.

#12 The refined appearance of the Burmillas creates a deceptive impression of their effeminacy and unsuitability.

In fact, representatives of the breed get used to both apartment conditions and to living in a country house with obligatory forays into the nearby territory. Even if you live in a metropolis, do not be lazy to accustom your cat to a harness by going for a walk with it to a nearby square or park. Burmilla will benefit from such excursions!

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