Breed Review: Burmilla (16 Pics)

#13 As for home content, the main thing to remember here: Burmillas love warmth and always strive to attach fluffy bodies to heating devices.

Accordingly, if you want to please the cat, buy a hanging bed and attach it to the battery in the cold season.

#14 Maintaining the external charm of Burmillas requires minimal effort on the part of the owner.

The short coat of the breed sheds very moderately, so if you do not forget to comb the purr at least once a week, the cleanliness in the apartment is guaranteed. A little more often you will have to tinker with the pet's face. Firstly, try to immediately remove mucous lumps from the eyes of the Burmilla, with which the animal looks extremely untidy. For this, any clean, lint-free cotton cloth is suitable, as well as saline, calendula broth, or a weak solution of boric acid (a teaspoon per 250 ml of water).

#15 Secondly, wipe your chin if it gets dirty with food.

The wool of the breed absorbs any third-party pigments, so if it is not cleaned in a timely manner, the areas of the "fur coat" that have come into contact with the dye will change their tone. Keep your pet's ears clean by removing sulfur deposits if they have accumulated in excess. It is useful for the Burmilla to brush her teeth once a week, but she will have to train the animal to obey during the procedure from an early age. If you suddenly want to "refresh" the mouth of an adult cat who is not familiar with a toothbrush, do not count on his patience and loyalty.

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