Breed Review: Ca De Bou (18 Pics)

The International Cynological Association records more than four hundred dog breeds. And as a result of modern genesis, a dozen more new ones appear every year. In addition, there are a large number of mongrel dogs in the world that have not yet been recognized by this official structure.

#1 For example, in Spain, more than a dozen breeds have been officially bred and accounted for, and so far fourteen have not been recognized. This article is devoted to one of her bloodlines of dogs.

Moreover, the ca-de-bou breed is included in the official international register. That is, it is recognized, but the ancient Alano breed, from which it originated, is not. Look at the photo of the ca-de-bou, how good-natured this dog is.

#2 The breed of dogs ca-de-bou is written in three ways: all three parts together or separately and separated by a hyphen.

Translated from Spanish means "bulldog".

#3 Other names – major mastiff (perro dogo mallorquin)

Bred blood in the 17th century. Local dog handlers believe that her ancestors were the almost extinct Alano and herding dogs.

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Written by Alice White

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