Breed Review: Cane Corso (17 Pics)

#7 Basically, they are distinguished by obedience, devotion, high intelligence and gentle, kind character.

They are cold-blooded and can remain calm even if the other dog tries to infuriate, but if it still comes to a fight, the Cane Corso will be in a battle to the last and will not retreat even in front of a superior opponent. Their kindness and friendliness are directed primarily towards their family, or towards the owner, if the pet lives with one person.

#8 Strangers, friends of the owners are of little interest to him, so to speak – “as long as”

Sometimes it may even seem that he does not particularly notice other people and animals until they come close to a close distance - then the dog notes the presence of a foreign creature, and makes sure that this very creature, even in thoughts, does not harm those close to her people.

#9 Thanks to a huge past and comprehensive experience that is embedded in the genes, the breed can perform a wide variety of functions.

It all depends on what the owner needs. Cane Corso can be a protector, watchman, hunt help, or just a good friend. In any case, the dog will show itself in the best possible way.

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