Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are a nightmare of all hooligans and hunters for someone else’s property. Soft on the outside and harsh on the inside, these formidable giants have a number of virtues, among which the willingness to stand up for the owner and his material values is central. But one should not expect special emotionality, as well as pliability, from Caucasians. Any wolfhound is, first of all, a watchman and a guard, with an explosive character and his own views on life, and only secondly – a pet.

#1 Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are among the most ancient canine “clans”, the history of which is counted for thousands of years.

For example, the ancestors of today's wolfhounds grazed sheep flocks in the foothills of the Caucasus long before the advent of Christianity. As for the origin of the breed itself, the Tibetan Great Danes are considered its founders, which in ancient China were used for baiting and fighting. Some experts call the homeland of dogs southwestern Asia, or rather, the Urartu-Ararat kingdom, where animals were in the service of cattle breeders and from where they began to disperse across adjacent territories.

#2 Curious fact

the first “breeders” to whom the Caucasian shepherd dogs owe their outstanding watchdog instinct were the ancient shepherds. It was they who were in charge of vicious animals and the selection of puppies, cultivating and successfully developing useful performance characteristics in them. For example, a real shepherd dog, in the understanding of Caucasian shepherds, had to have endurance and sufficient strength to deal with an attacking wolf. In addition, she has prescribed unpretentiousness in food and insensitivity to sudden changes in air temperature.

#3 What the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs cannot be blamed in any way is in the absence of charisma and external charm.

Indeed, the muscular "highlanders" look very solid, if not monumental. Long-haired individuals with lush, almost bearish "fur coats" look especially colorful, giving the animals a resemblance to gigantic toys.

The minimum weight of a purebred Caucasian wolfhound male is 50 kg. However, most dogs do not stop at such modest indicators, often overcoming the bar of 70, and sometimes even 100 kg. Shepherd bitches are shorter and slimmer than males: the minimum permissible weight of a girl is 45 kg, with a height of 64 cm. But, as with any rule, there are also exceptions here.

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