Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

#7 Despite the natural severity, “Caucasians” are not averse to sharing the territory with some domestic animals.

As for living with other dogs, the best company for a shepherd dog will be a representative of any of the decorative breeds. The miniature size of the four-legged creature is a kind of guarantee of the peaceful coexistence of pets, while in a larger specimen, the Caucasian wolfhound will immediately feel a rival, whom it will try to crush under itself.

#8 There are many myths about the bloodthirsty nature of the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs.

It is important to understand that no dog is born a killer. But it may well become her as a result of improper upbringing. An owner who neglects the training and socialization of a pet and does not know how to maintain his own authority runs the risk of raising an uncontrollable and ferocious creature, with whom he will eventually have to part. In addition, when bringing a little puffy puppy to the house, not every buyer is aware of who this cute will transform into in a year. Keep in mind that growing up, Caucasian wolfhounds completely get rid of "childish" character traits, turning into self-confident and rather stubborn guards.

#9 The upbringing and socialization of the puppy begins from the very first days of his appearance in the house.

Particular attention should be paid to individuals living in the city. The dog should not be afraid of public transport, growl at every passer-by, and chase stray cats. Since the Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are slowly maturing breeds, the first teams begin to train them at the age of 5-6 months. By the year the animal must understand and execute the following commands: "No!", "Fu!"; "Sit!", "Stand!", "Lie!"; "Besides!"; "Teeth!"; "Muzzle!"; "A place!"; "To me!".

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