Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

#10 The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a personality dog, so do not try to persuade him to useless errands over a thrown ball or plate.

Such activities cause a feeling of bewilderment in the animal: why waste energy in vain if it can be saved up for a possible throw at the enemy? The innate stubbornness and high level of intelligence prevent the Caucasian wolfhounds from fully immersing themselves in the learning process. Surprisingly, but a truly effective method of training shaggy "mountaineers" has not yet been invented. Moreover, with them, even the standard GCT (General Course of Training) gives very inexpressive results.

#11 The qualities that the owner of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog will need in the process of training a pet are patience and endurance.

In addition, it is necessary to establish close emotional contact with the animal, since the representatives of this breed are distinguished by developed intuition and easily determine the mood of the owner by his facial expressions and voice. Do not be surprised, but the training of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog can take 2-3 years due to the dog's dislike of repetitions. And it's not about the complexity of nature. The animal simply does not see the point in the monotonous repetition of the same exercise, because it is much wiser to save strength for more interesting activities.

#12 Do not get fooled by the advice of “seasoned” dog owners who claim that Caucasian Shepherd Dogs need to be beaten periodically so that they understand who is “the boss”.

You will not achieve anything but anger and uncontrolled aggression. Yes, it is necessary to treat a pet strictly, and sometimes quite harshly, but applying corporal punishment to it is the last thing. Bribery with sweets and caresses in a particular case is also not good. Sheepdog is not a vulnerable lapdog and it does not need your indulgences.

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