Breed Review: Caucasian Shepherd Dog (21 Pics)

#16 Caucasian Shepherd Dogs also do not like to practice skills on a sleeve stuffed with cotton wool, preferring to bite into the open areas of the instructor’s body, which is why many dog handlers do not undertake to work with the breed.

The intruder who has infringed on the health of the owner or his property, wolfhounds do not grab their teeth, but fully tear, and it will take titanic efforts to wean them from this habit. At demonstration competitions, dogs can also be cunning and include an energy-saving mode. Such work half-heartedly indicates that the animal has managed to assess the frivolity of what is happening and does not consider it necessary to give all the best for the sake of some kind of assessment.

#17 The Caucasian Shepherd is a terrible owner who is truly happy only when he has something to protect.

Accordingly, the best home for a pet will be a cottage with a courtyard and a plot of land. These shaggy brutal are not sensitive to temperature extremes, so they feel quite comfortable in a spacious aviary. Keeping Caucasian Shepherd Dogs on a chain is also quite acceptable, but it should be a light chain up to 2.5 m long.

#18 The settlement of a “Caucasian” in a city apartment is an extreme for a very big fan, which is practiced only by the most stubborn lovers of the breed

Yes, shaggy watchmen do not suffer from hyperactivity and do not arrange pogroms, but they cannot fully realize their protective qualities in such conditions. You should not discount the difficulties with the placement of the pet. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a large breed and its representatives need a decent place. It is not enough to provide the dog with a spacious bed and a bowl for food; it is also necessary to provide an excellent view of the premises entrusted to it. In addition, opening the door to each guest, the owner will have to carefully monitor the reaction of his pet: a stranger who has crossed the threshold of private property is enemy number 1 for shaggy bodyguards.

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