Breed Review: Central Asian Shepherd Dog (17 Pics)

#4 A real Central Asian Shepherd Dog will restrainedly show its distrust of a stranger – it will give free rein to its protective instincts only in case of obvious provocation from a stranger.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog's active defensive reaction has its own characteristics. He will very jealously guard the territory, showing aggressiveness only in case of violation of the border established by him. On the "no man's land" the dog will react to other animals or strangers rather with arrogant indifference.

#5 Central Asian Shepherd Dog usually behave calmly during walks, not exchanging for trifles and not reacting to barking “mosecs”, although a strong leash is still necessary when walking the dog in crowded places.

Sex differences are manifested not only in the appearance of dogs but also in their behavior. A dog attacks a stranger when trying to trespass without any warning, a bitch attacks as a last resort, trying to solve the problem with warning barking and blocking the road.

#6 Owners of the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs should clearly understand that training and proper upbringing of such a strong animal, which also exhibits pronounced protective reactions, is necessary by definition.

Another important principle is the regularity of training. They should be done daily and last at least 20-30 minutes. It is very good if the process takes place with the participation of all members of the owner's family. By the age of seven months, your pet should perform the basic simple commands: "Come to me!", "Sit!", "Place!", "Fu!" etc.

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