Breed Review: Central Asian Shepherd Dog (17 Pics)

#7 It should be remembered that Central Asian Shepherd Dog is quite capricious and will hardly obey you right away.

You can achieve results only with a fair amount of patience and finding ways to interest your Asian in the learning process.

Remember to reward a great friend for doing the command correctly, or simply for good behavior. A tidbit, a friendly stroking on the back of the neck, an affectionate kind word will be a good incentive for your pet. One should treat with understanding and patience such traits of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog character as the desire to independently learn about the world around him, curiosity, excessive persistence in achieving the goal (which is often known only to him alone).

#8 The Asian in the process of growing up is very strongly attached to his “pack” and to the place of residence, which is typical for guard dogs.

The behavior of the shepherd dog in relation to strangers should be carefully monitored. In communicating with "friends", too, one should not allow any special familiarity. Stop your dog's attempts to jump with its paws on the household. While Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a puppy, it still looks funny, but standing on his feet when an adult dog begins to show his feelings in this way is already problematic.

#9 With regard to sex differences in relation to the training process, then males learn much easier.

Girls are much thinner and more cunning, they have much more tricks in their arsenal to disobey the "teacher".

A lot depends on the quality of training a Central Asian Shepherd Dog puppy, so only professionals can trust this responsible process. Only a competent specialist can make a clumsy plush puppy a real guard dog, having realized the main purpose of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog.

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