Breed Review: Central Asian Shepherd Dog (17 Pics)

#10 Central Asian Shepherd Dog cannot be classified as a spoiled dog breed.

Their ancestors lived in very difficult conditions and inherited their unpretentiousness to today's Asians. But this does not mean at all that the owner does not need to organize proper care for his pet.

#11 This large dog is poorly adapted for living in a city apartment, the best option would be to live on the territory of your suburban household, where you can equip a spacious fenced enclosure with a booth for keeping the dog.

This refers rather to a grown dog, and it is advisable to keep the Central Asian Shepherd Dog baby in the house at first, allocating a place for him away from heating appliances and windows. The puppy should be able to calmly rest, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the house. A strengthened matured dog can be transferred to a permanent residence in an aviary. If you are a typical city dweller, then remember to walk your pet twice a day, and the duration of each exercise should be at least two hours. If in the aviary the Central Asian Shepherd Dog may not be on a leash, then for walking you will definitely need a leash (preferably from a canvas tape) and a muzzle.

#12 It is necessary to systematically examine the mouth, ears and eyes of the animal.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog eyes can be washed with a cotton swab dipped in strong tea leaves, and it is better to treat the ears with special agents applied to a cotton swab. Do not use ear sticks under any circumstances!

These dogs are bathed once a month or less, after washing the pet you need to dry it well.

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