Breed Review: Central Asian Shepherd Dog (17 Pics)

#13 Caring for the coat consists in systematic combing, it is especially important not to forget about it during the active spring shedding.

Central Asian Shepherd Dog is very fond of cleanliness, so do not forget to wash the bedding at least a couple of times a month, but you can vacuum or thoroughly shake it out every day.

Feeding such a large dog has its own characteristics: up to two-thirds of the diet should be meat. It should be low-fat (beef, veal) and always fresh. If there are problems with the preparation of fresh meat, it is permissible to use high-quality ready-made feed. The choice of the menu is influenced by the size and lifestyle of your pet. It is impossible to feed Central Asian Shepherd Dog dry mixtures for small breeds of dogs.

#14 Pickles, sweets, flour dishes, spices, tubular bones of a bird are contraindicated in the Central Asian Shepherd Dog.

Cereals (preferably buckwheat, rice, or oatmeal), lean sea fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, dairy products with a low-fat content are welcomed in the diet.

#15 Balanced diet

which should contain the necessary amount of vitamins and microelements, a sufficient (but in no case excessive) amount of food - the main rules for organizing the feeding of Central Asian Shepherd dogs. Clean water should be available to the dog at all times.

Proper grooming is essential for your pet's well-being.

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