Breed Review: Chinese Chongqing dog (15 Pics)

#7 Sadly, the breed was to be dealt a second devastating blow, when in the year 2003, China suffered from a SARS (a viral respiratory disease) outbreak.

A large number of the breed were killed, and their numbers dropped dramatically. Today, the Chinese Chongqing dogs are considered extremely rare, and there are thought to be less than 2,000 in the world. Despite this, their popularity is increasing, along with an increased national interest in native breeds within China.

#8 A medium-sized, sturdy and muscular breed, their powerful body is easy to appreciate due to the short length of their unusual coat.

 They are squarely-built, with a large head that has a distinctly short muzzle.

Their face has modest wrinkles; much less pronounced than those of their cousin the Shar-Pei. However, just like their Chinese relatives, the Shar-Pei and the Chow Chow, the Chinese Chongqing dog must have a blue-black discoloration to their tongue. Their ears are distinctive and will be one of the first things you notice when you encounter them. They are perfectly triangular, relatively small when compared to the overall size of their large head, and always stand very erect. Their tail is exceptionally unusual within the dog world: hairless, straight as a rod, and pointed upright.

#9 Males will stand at 40cm to 50cm, while females are noticeably shorter at 35-40cm.

 The shorter female will weigh between 15kg and 20kg, while the male will weigh 20kg to 25kg. Their skin is mildly wrinkled, and these wrinkles are visible due to their short and sparse coat. In fact, many members of the breed will display completely hairless ears, tails, muzzles, and chests. Their coat may be a reddish-brown or a dark brown color, and their black skin may be visible underneath.

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