Breed Review: Chinese Chongqing dog (15 Pics)

#10 Depending on their use and lineage, the Chinese Chongqing dog will display varying traits.

Dogs kept for working are typically more aloof with humans, and more driven and active. Those kept as companion animals will tend to form strong bonds with their family members and will be loyal and fiercely protective towards them and their property.

#11 Due to their long history as a guard dog, this breed will be suspicious of new people, and has a tendency to show aggression.

Very early socialization is critical to enable this dog to interact safely with children and other animals.

Mixing with young children is not recommended due to this breed’s physical power and dominant personality. Similarly, it is not advised that the Chinese Chongqing dog be kept with smaller animals, for fear of their safety. A dog that was used as a hunter for so long will still possess its ancestors’ instincts and may act as a predator when presented with the opportunity. Keeping a male Chinese Chongqing alongside another male dog is ill-advised as they tend to show high levels of dog aggression.

#12 Due to the physical strength of this breed, its territorial nature and potential for aggression, this is not a dog recommended for a first-time owner. In the right hands, however, the intelligent Chinese Chongqing can be well-trained.

However, they are known to be a stubborn dog who does not live to please, and so their trainer must be dedicated and patient. The trainer must make clear that they are the leader of the relationship – a position which the confident and proud Chinese Chongqing dog will constantly question.

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