Breed Review: Chinese Chongqing dog (15 Pics)

#13 This is a dog that was allowed to develop organically over time through natural selection rather than forced inbreeding.

They have also survived for many hundreds of years in harsh climates with little human intervention. Both of these factors have ensured that the Chinese Chongqing Dog is a particularly healthy breed.

#14 With no relevant scientific studies having been performed, and there being such a small number of dogs to assess, it is difficult to say with any certainty what health conditions affect this breed.

There have, however, been anecdotal reports of skin issues due to their partial hairlessness.

It is claimed that the Chinese Chongqing dog is an incredibly long-lived breed, often reaching the age of sixteen, and sometimes even eighteen.

#15 The Chinese Chongqing dog has moderate exercise requirements and would benefit from a vigorous, 30-minute walk each day.

They will typically crave more exercise than this, however, and would happily tag along with you on hikes and long mountain walks.

As with many dogs, if the Chinese Chongqing is under-exercised, it is likely to display undesirable behaviors, such as hyperactivity within the house. They benefit from access to large gardens, but due to their high prey drive and dislike of strangers near their territory, the garden must be very secure.

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