Breed Review: Chinook (18 Pics)

These dogs are distinguished by their loyalty, focus on the owner, and friendliness to people in general and to their own kind. Now, because of these wonderful properties, they are taken as companions. The dog will be an excellent companion for you on a tourist trip, it will carry a special dog’s backpack, in winter it will ride a sleigh for both children and adults. Another feature of the breed is its late maturity. And at two years old, Chinooks can jump and frolic like puppies.

#2 Why touching?

Because this dog got lost in those very endless snowy expanses, under mysterious circumstances.

#3 Chinook is a rather rare breed that originates from sled dogs – the husky was crossed with a dog resembling a mastiff.

So a large, yellow dog with a wide muzzle and ears hanging on the sides of the head was born, which the famous traveler and participant of the first Antarctic expedition of Bird Arthur Walden, gave the nickname Chinook. Actually, the name of the breed comes from the name of its first representative.

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