Breed Review: Chow Chow (17 Pics)

#10 If you have a child in your house, explain to him that this plush animal is not a toy at all and will not endure pain and excessive pranks even from members of your pack.

If the baby offends the animal, he will never be able to find a common language with him.

Chow-chow's attitude to strangers is always wary and distrustful. The dog usually does not show aggression, but will not accept uninvited caresses from a stranger.

#11 Relationships with other animals are not easy.

Chow will love the cat she grew up with, while the tailed cat seen on the street will be chased by her whenever possible. Usually, there is no interest in oncoming dogs. If the first acquaintance nevertheless took place, then the decision made by the Chow will never change - either it is an enemy, or a friend, or just an acquaintance for whom it is enough "just to politely nod back." Of the other dogs that are kept in your home, the Chow Chow will only tolerate a representative of its breed of the opposite sex.

#12 Chow-chow coward does not celebrate.

In case of manifestation of aggression towards itself, the dog without hesitation will enter the fight to the bitter end. Powerful jaws, large size, and thick coat that protects from bites are good arguments in any fight.

The chow will rush to protect the owner without hesitation, even if he was not trained in security work. He just loves you and is ready to give his life for it.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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