Breed Review: Chow Chow (17 Pics)

#13 Outwardly resembling a huge plush toy, Chow Chows are distinguished by a very firm and even somewhat wayward character.

Raising an obedient dog turns out to be a matter that requires tremendous patience, dedication, and consistency.

Raising a Chow Chow puppy should start at a very early age. Nature has laid such willpower and integrity of character in this cute fluffy lump that only a real leader will obey the tea. Moreover, your leadership should be calm, confident and not subject to the slightest doubt. A hysterical aggressive person will never cope with this dog. Flirting and lisping will also not achieve the result. The pet, sensing the weakness of the owner, will take the place of the leader himself and it will be almost impossible to make changes to such a hierarchy.

#14 For successful upbringing, it is necessary to socialize the animal as early as possible.

Walk with him more often in crowded places so that the puppy gets used to the idea that there are many strangers beside you. This will allow you to gradually level the innate hostility towards strangers. Chow Chow is very jealous of the inviolability of their home. The situation when guests come to the house, who (according to the puppy) allow themselves to move uncontrollably around its territory, can cause stress in the dog and the subsequent aggressive reaction, so you need to try as quickly as possible to teach the baby to calmly relate to new faces, smells and voices ...

#15 A big plus in raising Chow Chows is their innate cleanliness.

The puppy very quickly understands where to go to the toilet, learns to endure from a walk to a walk. But do not abuse this ability - after sleeping and each feeding, the dog needs to be taken outside.

Alice White

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