Breed Review: Dandie Dinmont Terrier (16 Pics)

#13 It is necessary to show maximum patience and dexterity to get your pet’s coat in order.

Most often, the owners trust the haircut to specialists from the grooming salons. Firstly, the haircut from the master will take an order of magnitude less time, thanks to the experience and special tools, and secondly, the groomers easily find a common language with restless pets, which guarantees an excellent haircut for any dog.

#14 It is very important to watch the fur between your dog’s toes.

it grows quickly and can interfere with the pet. It should be cut as needed.

#15 Due to its small size, dinmont does not need a lot of food to stay vigorous and energetic.

It can be fed with both specialized dog food and natural food.

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