Breed Review: Devon Rex (18 Pics)

#10 As for the stormy feline temperament, it must be curbed in a timely manner, so do not be lazy to instill in the pet the norms of etiquette and rules of behavior.

Remember: a ban is a ban, exceptions from it are unacceptable. If the Devon Rex discovered a penchant for dancing on the dinner table, persistently wean him away from this pampering, but do not forget that the kitten needs to throw energy somewhere. Do not break the psyche of the animal, forbidding him to any jumps. On the contrary, allow your pet to frolic as much as possible, but only in a place where its games will not cause serious damage.

#11 If an adult Devon Rex is just curious and naughty

then in his kittens, these qualities are hypertrophied to the limit, so if you already decided to get a curly eared, resign yourself to the need for total surveillance of him at least in the first year of life. The most dangerous places in the house for meticulous Devons are the toilet, large containers of water, and aquariums in which a tiny creature can easily drown. With indoor plants, too, not everything is safe. The ubiquitous "aliens" will not miss the opportunity to chew an azalea or lick dieffenbachia, which in 9 cases out of 10 will provoke severe poisoning in them. Accordingly, make your choice in advance: either flowers or cats.

#12 Do not forget to hide small piercing objects like needles and pins from the Devon Rex, which he perceives as toys.

Medicines, insecticides, household chemicals should also not be in the public domain, so that the cat does not have a desire to taste them. Careful with the windows open. Of course, Devon Rexes do not jump in them of their own free will, but in pursuit of some insect, they can lose their vigilance and get injured.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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