Breed Review: Egyptian Mau (19 Pics)

#4 The connection of the four-legged beauties with the supreme god of the pantheon was seen in their eyes.

It was believed that the pupils of cats determine the position of the sun above the horizon: the wider they are, the lower the heavenly body. In fact, the change in the size of the pupils is associated with their physiological features, but in ancient times the incomprehensible nature of things was always explained by the intervention of higher forces.

#5 From about the 1st millennium BC. e. cats were ranked among the cult of Bastet – the goddess of beauty, fertility and home

She was portrayed as a woman with the head of a cat, sometimes completely in the guise of an animal. The servants of the temples increasingly began to keep four-legged companions with them - the living embodiment of Bastet. Cats roamed freely throughout the sanctuary, which was inaccessible to commoners. To forbid animals to do anything was considered almost a mortal sin: they knew how to talk to the gods and protected the worshipers from dark forces. Amulets with their image brought the owner good luck in love.

#6 Sanctuary Bastet – Bubastion – Egyptians visited more often than others.

Every day, believers handed mummified cats to the priests, which were buried in separate rooms along with rodents and a vessel filled with milk. According to mythology, animals ended up in the afterlife, where they met with Bastet and conveyed to her the requests of pilgrims.

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