Breed Review: Egyptian Mau (19 Pics)

#10 Egyptian Mau returned to Europe in 1988.

At the same time, at the initiative of Mau lovers, three official kennels were created. Now representatives of the breed are found in Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland, although the number of breeders is still negligible. The lion's share of nurseries falls on America, which does not want to share the achievements in the selection of Egyptian Mau. Obtaining a miniature copy of an African predator is a rare success.

#11 The breed is famous not only for its spectacular beauty, but also for its cheerful disposition.

These animals are clockwork toys that do not run on batteries, but at least with the help of a perpetual motion machine! The Egyptian Mau loves to try on different roles. In the mornings, the cat skillfully pretends to be an alarm clock, during the day it prefers to be a tireless fidget, and in the evening it becomes a purring antidepressant. With such a wonderful friend, every minute will become a bright holiday!

#12 Representatives of the breed are distinguished by inexhaustible energy and curious mind, which do not allow animals to sit in one place.

Mau will certainly study all the secret "passages" between the cabinets and the wall. Get ready to fish out the pet from the most unexpected hiding places: this spotted fidget will crawl wherever its curious face fits. To channel the energy of the Egyptian Mau into a peaceful channel will help "moving" toys: a string with a bow at the end of clockwork mice. Having satisfied its hunting instinct, the cat will go on a well-deserved rest and will give you a few minutes of calmness.

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