Breed Review: Egyptian Mau (19 Pics)

#16 The activity of animals is significantly dulled after eating.

It is followed by a healthy and sound sleep - an invariable ritual that is followed by most of the breed. At the same time, it is important to give the pet a rest: from boredom and lack of energy, the cat will begin to eat and sleep more often, which will eventually make it spotty and rather plump.

#17 Love for water is another unusual feature that distinguishes the “Egyptians” from the mustachioed brethren.

This feeling manifests itself in different ways and depends on the nature of the cat. Some animals will happily jump into the recruited bath and rush in pursuit of drops, while others will confine themselves to a paw lowered into the water.

#18 Egyptian Mau are quite friendly creatures, so it won’t be difficult for them to find a common language with other pets. It doesn’t matter whether it is a cat or a dog, but you will have to wait a little with keeping birds and rodents.

Wild African cats have rewarded their descendants with a thirst for hunting, so Mau can attack your little friend at any time.

This breed gets along well with families with children. A more playful friend is hard to imagine! However, do not expect that the Egyptian Mau will allow your child to take liberties in the form of swaddling and bottle feeding. The cat will prefer to proudly leave if it decides that the child unceremoniously invades her personal space.

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