Breed Review: English Setter (19 Pics)

#4 The nose of the English Setter has clear lines and is colored black or dark brown.

The eyes are located far from each other, they are round and can be of any brown shade, the look is calm. Paws, sternum, and neck are very muscular, due to which the dog is hardy and not afraid of any stress.

#5 The tail is long, almost hanging down to the ground.

The paws are straight and high, the jumping reflex is very well developed. The coat hangs down, for which the English Setter hunting dog is often called long-haired.

#6 The hair of the setter is soft, pleasant to the touch, but it becomes so only at the age of 2-3 years.

In an adult dog, the hair hangs down from the chest, along the hind and front legs in the upper part, on the ears and tail. Most often, setters are not sheared, it is only allowed to slightly cut the overgrown areas on the paws between the toes.

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