Breed Review: German Shepherd (19 Pics)

Devotion and loyalty to dogs have become synonymous with many breeds, it is the German Shepherds that many dog breeders associate with these definitions. The versatile breed is often used to protect housing and territory, acts as a watchman and shepherd, a hunter, and even a guide for people with limited vision.

The proposed photos of the German Shepherd allow you to independently evaluate the attractive appearance of puppies and adults belonging to this breed.

Not whimsical in maintenance and not requiring expensive grooming procedures, these dogs need proper education to neutralize the level of aggression and irritation.

#1 In addition to a friendly and calm nature, a high ability to learn and train, the representatives of this breed have their own standards.

#2 Before you buy a German shepherd puppy, you need to carefully study the breed standards, which are determined by a set of parameters:

weight and height, adult animals weigh about 35-40 kg with a height of up to 65 cm, females may differ in underestimated parameters of mass and height at the withers;

when studying the color of dogs of the breed, it is important to remember that this characteristic can vary significantly, but the main colors remain black and fawn;

depending on genetic inheritance, the German Shepherd can have short and harsh, long and harsh, or long and soft coats.

#3 You should know that animals with a long-haired species are susceptible to temperature changes and drops.

Such dogs cannot be kept outdoors, which will avoid frequent illnesses; for living on the street, it is better to choose representatives of the breed with short and hard hair, strong and viable puppies.

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