Breed Review: Giant Schnauzer (20 Pics)

#16 To maintain health, representatives of this breed require serious physical activity.

To do this, you need to walk the dog for at least 2 - 3 hours a day. In the absence of such an opportunity, you should not have Giant Schnauzer puppies.

#17 Having shown due patience and attention in the selection of this breed, the dog handlers got a decent result:

these dogs practically do not get sick and have a strong, stable psyche.

#18 Raising a puppy should be done as early as possible.

The main task, in this case, is to curb the protective and hunting instincts and instill the need for strict obedience to the owner.

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  1. Much of this information is incorrect. Giants are NOT good with children, and 2-3 hours of exercise should be the bare minimum to avoid behavioral issues (destructiveness, aggression and the like). They DO shed, though that can be reduced by vigorous, daily brushing.

    Giants were bred to be multi-purpose farm dogs. Herding cattle or sheep all day, digging rats out of the hay in the barn, wresting and exterminating raccoons from the orchard, pulling a cart with produce into market and not allowing any stranger to set foot on the property. They have a huge amount of stamina and require an owner to reschedule their lives around the dog’s needs. This is not a breed who can be expected to successfully sit on the couch with one or two romps around the back yard daily and an occasional weekend hike.

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