Breed Review: Golden Retriever (19 Pics)

#10 Half-year-old puppies can be taught swimming and submission by whistle, and it will be better if this is done by a pro.

12 months is the optimal age to start training a dog's endurance since on a hunt it often has to sit in ambush so as not to frighten away the game. The command "Lie down!" in such cases does not apply. It is enough that the pet will sit next to you. Exercises to train memory are considered very valuable since the golden retriever is not always able to find games by smell alone.

#11 Despite the fact that hunting has always been the main specialization of golden retrievers, it is not necessary for today’s owners of these shaggy “campaigners” to take up a gun.

Tedious races through forests and swamps can be easily replaced with long walks in parks and meadows. It's great if you take your dog to a country house, away from the freeway, where he can run freely. Just do not try to turn your pet into a mongrel and settle him in a booth: the retriever will not appreciate your impulse and will fall into despondency, so take the dog into the house and do not deprive her of her own company.

#12 Keeping a Golden Retriever in an apartment is a kind of test of the owner for responsibility and hard work

Due to their sociable nature, golden retrievers do not cope well with loneliness. Animals throw out their insecurity and fear on the surrounding objects: they gnaw furniture and wires, spoil their shoes. The worst punishment the owner can think of for Golden is to lock him in four walls and quietly go to work. For careerists, workaholics, travelers, and other busy individuals, the Golden Retriever as a pet is an unacceptable option.

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