Breed Review: Havanese (18 Pics)

#7 A dog can tell when it is being praised and when it is being scolded. Overly attached to the owner and suffers during his absence.

#8 Judging by the photo of the Havana Bichon, its color can be varied:

white color;

all shades of cream;


golden and silver colors;


chocolate shades.

#9 Standards for purebred representatives of this breed:

Medium-sized dog with thick long hair.

The coat is soft and wavy.

The head is small. The skull is flat and rounded.

The nose is black. The muzzle tapers towards the nose.

Thin lip strip.

The teeth are small. The jaw is in a scissor bite.

Large brown eyes. Friendly look.

The ears are hanging. Fall down on both sides of the parting.

The torso is oblique in the block.

The tail set on high is carried over the back. The hair on the tail is long.

Slightly elongated limbs. The light gait of the paws.

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