Breed Review: Irish Terrier (15 Pics)

#7 In their free time from work and play, red-haired rascals prefer to mimic the environment, so if you did not notice an Irish Terrier in the room, this does not mean that he is not there.

Most likely, he successfully merged with the interior and lies imposingly in his corner. The Irish Terrier is a self-sufficient and proud breed, so don't expect your pet to need your approval before doing anything. On the other hand, these energetic athletes are strongly attached to the person they consider to be their master. Moreover, they are ready to fully adapt to the owner's lifestyle, even if he does not always meet their natural inclinations. Do you like road trips? Your "Irishman" will willingly fall apart in the front seat and will enthusiastically stick his muzzle into the side window, catching the wind with his mouth. Looking for a healthier vacation? The clever redhead will not refuse to run for a bike.

#8 The Irish Terrier is forgiving of children, provided that he lived and raised with them from puppyhood.

No, he is not a trouble-free supernatural, but quite a good animator who knows how to support a game or a secret excursion outside the apartment. In addition, he is able to endure not the most careful treatment on the part of the baby, for example, tugging by the tailor an accidentally pressed paw. True, the dog will restrain the negative only if it is a one-time "bonus", and not systematic bullying. But, unfortunately, the “Irish” do not manage with other four-legged paws. Cats for them - target number 1, subject to immediate destruction; dogs are potential rivals that need to be put in place as often as possible. So finding a pleasant companion for the Irish Terrier among fellow tribesmen is still a challenge.

#9 The learning ability of the Irish Terrier is, if not phenomenal, then very impressive.

The only problem is to awaken the desire of the animal to practice. Experienced dog handlers advise relying on the breed's natural curiosity and interest in new activities. For the company with its beloved owner, the dog will move mountains, especially if the owner was not too lazy to diversify the educational process with game moments. On the other hand, it is better not to slip into frank familiarity with representatives of this family. Irish Terriers know what leadership is and are very eager for it. If the “Irishman” is the only pet in the house, then in the absence of more suitable competitors at his side, he will willingly compete for spheres of influence with his own master.

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