Breed Review: Irish Terrier (15 Pics)

#10 It will be necessary to select a training program for the Irish Terrier depending on the type of activity carried out by the animal.

So, for example, the course for search and rescue dogs is very different from the complex of activities that are attended by sentries. As for sports training, you can learn coursing, agility, dog-frisbee and skijoring with Irish terriers. On the hunt, today "Irish" is not often met, but this is more likely due to the unpopularity of the breed as a whole than because of the lost pursuing skills. If it is necessary to train a dog to work on a blood trail, fishing a downed bird from a reservoir and its subsequent retrieval is a quite feasible task.

#11 It is better not to delay the training and education of the dog, because in the first months of life, Irish Terrier puppies are more pliable, more obedient, and the owner is still an indisputable authority for them.

So grow up your ward a little and start learning the basics of OKD. By the way, training in the classic form will not suit the "Irish". To carry out a command only because a person requires it, animals consider it beneath their own dignity. Usually, breeders recommend talking more with pets, explaining to them the appropriateness of a particular requirement. It is also not forbidden to go with the Irish Terrier to the training grounds, but one cannot count on outstanding success from the training. Red-haired sly ones quickly figure out what's what, and begin to evade the "obligation" in every possible way. Please note that this breed strives to work fully, and not pretend, so any group classes are perceived as a performance that no one needs.

#12 It is believed that Irish Terriers do a good job with ZKS, but here it is important to soberly assess the situation.

Due to the rather modest dimensions, a full-fledged security guard will not come out of the dog. However, if your goal is to scare away petty bullies, why not give it a try. The main thing is that the pet responds quickly and correctly to the call. Do not forget that the Irish Terrier is a gambling dog, often getting into a rage and ignoring any external stimuli. It is optimal if it is possible to delegate the training of an animal to a professional who will develop an individual ZKS program for him. The fact is that the standard standards, approved for service breeds, will not suit the "Irish" - the build is not the same.

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