Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

#10 In working with a large animal, representatives of this breed are especially careful, they do not lose their minds and never forget about the rules of their own safety.

The Karelian Bear Dog keeps a respectful distance from the angry wild boar, while not ceasing to bark at it. By the way, such a cautious approach does not affect the production rate: without a trophy, red Karelians almost never leave the forest.

#11 The Karelian Bear Dog a is not an open-air cage, and certainly not a chain dog.

Her place is in the house, in the company of a kind, understanding owner and his family members. In addition, despite the fact that among hunters this variety of husky has a reputation for being "cold-resistant", Russian frosts are not for her. As a compromise, the pet can be periodically moved to the booth in the yard, but only in the warm season. And by the way, do not really count on the fact that the furry hunter will be very happy with such a move.

#12 It is imperative to equip the puppy with a separate sleeping place in the house, as well as accustom him to it.

Otherwise, in your absence, the Karelian Bear Dog will rest on your own bed. So in the first weeks of the dog's habitation in your home, do not be too lazy to cover the expensive sofa with newspapers - huskies usually do not encroach on a rustling bed.

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