Breed Review: Karelian Bear Dog (17 Pics)

#13 But they willingly, loudly and often bark

During the inspection of the territory, they bark at strangers, dogs, cars, strange sounds, a bird in the sky, and just out of boredom. This factor must be taken into account if you live surrounded by neighbors.

#14 In relation to other people’s dogs, wandering into the territory of the husky, aggression will be shown.

Those dogs that have grown up together usually coexist peacefully, provided that a hierarchy is formed in the pack. But it is necessary to bring a new, adult dog with great care, especially if it claims to be the head of the pack. Some bear huskies, even bitches, can be enemies for life. Since Spitz-like breeds differ not only in territoriality but also in size and strength, they are strong and aggressive in a fight.

#15 But, unlike other breeds, they do not kill the opponent, but simply resolve the conflict.

They stop if the enemy surrenders or runs away. Remember that they are born hunters and are always aggressive towards other animals. True, centuries of living in the village have taught Karelian huskies to quickly understand who can be touched and who cannot be touched.

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