Breed Review: Kerry Blue Terrier (17 Pics)

#4 Historically, Kerry Blue Terriers were typical farm dogs, which were kept not for the purity of blood, but for helping in household matters.

Therefore, in spite of the century of show breeding, in the appearance of the breed, peasant solidity still slips, and sometimes even outright roughness of constitution. Abundant wavy hair helps to hide anatomical imperfections, thanks to which Kerry Blue Terrier look dandy-elegant and extraordinary.

#5 Sexual dimorphism for smoky “Irish” is also a typical phenomenon – usually males have more powerful muscles and massive heads.

The growth retardation in bitches is small: if the reference “boy” must be at least 45.5-49.5 cm at the withers, then for “girls” the ideal indicators are 44.5-48 cm. At exhibitions, strict requirements are imposed on the shape of the head and the fur texture of Kerry Blue Terriers. The highest score is assigned for them. By the way, if you do not look closely at the animal, it may seem that its hair is curly. In fact, the excessive "goodness" of the dog is a serious drawback. True Kerry Blue Terrierhair is wavy and soft, but by no means curly.

#6 When describing the nature of the Kerry Blue Terriers, it is customary to quote E.S. Montgomery, who argued that the breed differs from the inhabitants of Ireland only by the fact that its representatives do not smoke pipes.

For all other parameters, the "sparkling" temperament of animals completely copies the mentality of the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle. Playful, startling with a twist, adoring daring fun and the same fights, Kerry Blue Terriers are the type of pets with whom the whole life passes in anticipation of a surprise.

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