Breed Review: Kerry Blue Terrier (17 Pics)

#13 The first commands in the life of every Kerry Blue Terrier are “Place!”, “You can’t!” and “Come to me!”

The easiest way to teach a puppy to go to his corner is to take him there after eating and, holding the animal with his hands on the bed, quietly but convincingly pronounce the command (“Place!”). You can read about how to properly practice the beckoning and other basic orders in the training books “Don't growl at the dog” by K. Prior, “The ideal dog does not walk the owner” by M. Rutter, “A dog without problems”, as well as “Obedience to the dog "V. Gritsenko. Remember also that at the beginning of training it is a gross mistake to call an animal for punishment or to take it away from a walk. The Kerry Blue Terrier is not such a simpleton as to obey the command that limits his entertainment.

#14 Punishments in the life of a pet should take place when it is caught red-handed.

There should be no retroactive "repression" and no beating. They also do not punish for not understanding the requirements, fear of something, as well as for too slow execution of commands. It is not recommended to catch the Kerry Blue Terrier in order to prohibit him from doing what you do not like, and also to spank the dog with a leash. In the first case, the animal will perceive "catch-up" as a fun game, not forgetting to write off a hundred points from your authority. And in the second, he will quickly understand that the strap contains a danger to the sides, and in the future will not allow himself to be fastened.

#15 Modern Kerry Blue Terriers are domestic dwellers in every sense.

They are not demanding space and are content with a modest stove bench somewhere in the corner, provided that the sun penetrates there and does not blow out a draft. As a puppy, and at quite a respectable age, "Irish" love to sharpen their teeth on objects. To do this, buy special toys for your pet and update them periodically - rubber balls and tweeters cannot resist the sharpness of a dog's teeth for a long time. From time to time, toys can be replaced with raw vegetables - carrots, cabbage leaves, and other "goodies".

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