Breed Review: Kerry Blue Terrier (17 Pics)

#16 It is important to monitor your puppy’s legs and posture.

In the first 6 months of life, Kerry Blue Terriers are not allowed to climb and descend stairs on their own. It is also impossible to play "tug" with a dog - it is easy to distort an animal's bite during such entertainment, but it is almost impossible to fix it. Adults need to be walked twice a day, spending at least two to three hours on promenades and sports exercises. Puppies are allowed to breathe and satisfy toilet needs up to 5 times a day. When the pet reaches 6 months of age, the number of excursions is reduced to three.

#17 The fur of the Kerry Blue Terrier is not harmed by frequent bathing, so in the warm season you can swim with your dog in open water at least every day.

As for a full-fledged wash with shampoos and conditioning compounds, it is permissible to arrange it once a week or two. It is advisable to comb the Kerry Blue Terrier more often. Breeders recommend combing the puppies' coats daily to speed up the junior hair change process. Adults are recommended to massage with a metal comb at least twice a week.

To maintain the glamorous look of the dog's "fur coat" hair is supposed to be cut regularly - trimming is contraindicated for the breed.

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